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Frequently Asked Questions

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You do need some basic computer skills, like the ability to:

See our Basic Computer Skills information in the FAQs menu item

Just a run of the mill desktop, notebook or laptop computer with:

We have several tutorials to help you navigate our courses. These can be found in the website main menu – FAQs menu

There is no restriction from the college’s point of view. You can take as much or as little time as you need once you are enrolled. Even after you have completed your training you will continue to have access to the course’s up to date learner resources for your ongoing reference.

Be aware that the Regulatory body will change the qualification requirements from time to time. You would be advised of this and any changes to qualification requirements together with transition periods if required.

As our training is online you can study at your own pace when you have time available.

Each module takes from about 8 hours of work including completing the required assessment tasks. Some take a little longer.

You can work out how long a course will take by multiplying the number of modules in the course by the number of hours. Don’t forget to consider how much time you have in your schedule to complete the calculated hours of work.

All our courses are competency based. This means that you are assessed largely on activity based and practical assessment. However, competency also implies that an individual demonstrates an understanding of the knowledge that is the basis of the practical task being carried out.

Students are assessed according to whether they have achieved the performance criteria for each element specified in the units of competency they are undertaking. This method of assessment judges performance against a prescribed standard, not against other students. Students are assessed as "Competent" or "Not yet Competent".

No. There are a series of assessment tasks set for each module. These might typically consist of multiple choice and short answer questions, and one to three longer answer workplace project, case study or written demonstration submission/s. All the information you require to answer the questions are available in the learner resources in the form of links to documents and websites.

Help is available by online chat, telephone or email

Chat help is available on the bottom right corner of your screen - when we are not available please leave a message on chat and we will get back to your when we are next in the office.

Telephone help is available on (02) 9987 2322. After hours, calls are diverted to an assessor’s mobile. If the assessor is not in a position to answer your call, please leave a message with your contact details so that your call can be returned at an appropriate time.

The college assessors endeavour to mark all assignments within 48 hours of uploading to the website. Emailed submissions take a little longer as they are uploaded to the website by our administration staff first.

All our courses are competency based. That means that you are marked either “Competent” or “Not yet Competent”. Your results and assessor feedback can be viewed when in your course:

Don’t panic! The assessor will have left you feedback on where you have made errors and what you need to do to be marked competent. You can also call student support on (02) 9987 2322 for further assistance from our assessors if you need.

By submitting your tasks, you agree to the condition that all work submitted is your own. This means that, in general, you should not copy and paste material unless you are required to quote from a legislation, regulation or act (i.e. changing the wording might change the intended meaning). To answer the assessment task questions you should read all the learner material and formulate your answers from your reading.

Macdonald Education, trading as the NSW Real Estate Training College, is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). This Australian Government authority endeavours to ensure the quality in Australia’s training and qualifications.

Our RTO provider code is 91003. Our qualifications are recognised by the various state government regulatory bodies (e.g. Fair Trading, Consumer Affairs, Commerce etc.) around Australia who administer registration and licencing for the Real Estate industry.

Our qualifications are recognised by the various government regulatory bodies (e.g. Fair Trading, Consumer Affairs, Commerce etc.) in each state around Australia who administer registration and licencing for the Real Estate industry. Our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) provider code is 91003.

Once you are marked competent for the final module of your course and providing you have emailed us your enrolment form with your up to date details, legal name and Unique Student Identifier (USI), your qualification or certificate are usually sent within 1 working day.

Once you have completed your course you can apply to the regulatory body in your state for the relevant Certificate of Registration or Licence. We will send you your qualification upon completion providing you have retuned your enrolment from with all details completing including provision of a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

You will be advised on completion:

A copy of your certificate or qualification will be emailed for your convenience.

This varies from state to state. However, in general, Registration courses allow the holder to work in the Industry under the supervision of a Licensee. The Licence allows the holder to work for themselves and/or supervise Registration Certificate holders.

Macdonald Education’s trading names are NSW Real Estate Training College (where we first started) and The Victorian Real Estate Training College. However, our courses are recognised nationally and we have websites or are currently introducing websites for each state. NSW, Queensland, ACT, SA and WA are currently live. NT and Tasmania are in progress.

We conduct face to face training for large groups or under contractual agreement. We do not conduct “classes” or have a public schedule of training. This is another way of keeping our on-line training costs to a minimum.

Please contact us if you would like information of face to face training as we may be able to assist.

Email with details or call 02 9987 2322

The College endeavours to provide the best possible learning for best possible price. We do this by focussing on the important aspects of on-line learning, like efficient and friendly student support and excellent on-line resources, to ensure we keep our costs down. Assessors are experts with our learner material and able to quickly direct students to where information can be found.

Enrolment is prompted by payment. You can pay using one of the following methods:

You can also make payment -