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Can we offer training in VIC?

Some students are naturally concerned that we are accredited to offer training in VIC.. 

As a Registered Training Organisation we are fully qualified to deliver in VIC and provide appropriate qualifications.

The Commonwealth Government has a site that lists ALL RTO's and their "scope" of operation. (TGA)

Should you wish to confirm our status, please feel free to use the links below or call the college on 02 9987 2322 anytime. (TGA) Provider Code: 91003

Registration -

Scope -

As you are probably aware, The Offices of Fair Trading in each state are the Government departments that issue the individual licenses and certificates and are therefore also the groups (together with industry consultation) that set the educational requirements for training. The scope of the VIC Real Estate Training College covers all units of competency required in VIC.

Last modified: Wednesday, 9 November 2016, 1:23 AM